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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mercedes House, Green Building

Summing up to a total of 865 units (rental and condos), the Mercedes House in the west of Midtown Manhattan combines commercial and residential spaces in a new, splendidly designed modern structure. Overlooking De Witt Clinton Park and the Hudson River, this terraced mixed-use building is programmed to be up and running this summer. Spreading over 1.3 million square feet, the building designed by Ten Arquitectos also features a public garden, sun deck, and mirrored courtyard. Two hundred parking spaces and a 55,000 square-foot auto showroom on ground floor reminds us of the building’s name. Sloping from New York’s telephone switching tower down to the De Witt Clinton Park, it composes a height transition between the two, challenging New York City to displays itself beautifully from the rooftop gardens at every floor. The building’s impressive size, measuring more than half a city block, allows the structure to look imposing, while the upper part was arranged to resemble a staircase. This allows each inhabitant to benefit from direct sunlight and connect to the cityscape without loosing the pleasure of enjoying the panorama from a terrace. Faceted with a silver perforated rain screen on the street-facing walls and a hybrid curtain wall on the interior, the Mercedes House will help change the cityscape and add a little breathing residential space to the surroundings.

And look how different this building from surrounding


Roof staircase like, full with trees


A closer look of the trees and roof. Mercedes-House-by-Ten-Arquitectos-3

from Below, Green building concept seen applied to this building. Compared it with other sorroundingMercedes-House-by-Ten-Arquitectos-4

A view from another sideMercedes-House-by-Ten-Arquitectos-5

Just like staircase. Mercedes-House-by-Ten-Arquitectos-6







And here’s inside view of the building.



The room look huge and clear, the furniture chosen very carefully


a view of one apartment, you can rent it.


What other say about this building?

No surprise here! Once again I have to write a review how horrible it is to live here! I thought it would get better. I'm tired of being pushed over to the side and dealing with ignorant people. I made numerous reports on my washer/dryer. The washer is making loud noise and doesn't work. Water taste funny lately. Electricity/gas is super super high even when we're hardly home. Called the electric/gas company they're no help and they're rude!! If people at mercedes house call this customer service then I suggest they close up and they shouldn't consider going into this field of business. Rent should decrease since none of the amenities is available to the tenants. Btw...watch out for the mice infestation. I can hear them in the walls at night trying to get into my apartment (Tony D, New York)

I must agree with all prior comments.  AVOID THIS BUILDING.  That's my rating.  It's SUPER loud to live here.  The walls are pathetically thin.  Construction starts before the sun rises (and never ceases).  I get no help from the management; they seem to think that its our privilege to get what we get.  The fruit flies are beyond annoying, and the shoddy construction of the apartment is depressing.  There's no pool, no facilities until next year (despite the fact that we're paying for it).  Awful.  Avoid this building. (Mark S, Manhattan)

If I can give no stars I would...I never wrote a review in my life, but this building should get the worst rating ever. I agree with the review below. This building absolutely sucks. They pride themselves on a "luxury building" but none of the amenities will be finished until a year later. If you sign a lease for 1 year you will undoubtedly not be able to use any of these so-called amenities. Everything EVERYTHING breaks easily.You would think they would finish construction on one floor all at once, but they only have a few finished units per floor and after tenants move in, they will later finish a few more units.   Its SUPER SUPPPPER loud due to the construction that starts at 7am. There are skeevy construction workers lurking all over the apartment hallways and outside of the building. The building management did not do anything to help resolve this issue and can honestly care less. There are also massive fruit flies and mouse problems in the apartments since there are units unfinished on each floor. The doorman (especially morning doorman) are so clueless and worthless. When I moved in there was unfinished tiles in the bathroom, electrical sockets that did not work, chipped marble counter top, poor paint job, cabinets were poorly constructed, refrigerator door is impossible to open...many more problem...Its really sad how poorly constructed this building is. Should have moved to Archstone. Can someone get my a job as part of the Mercedes House staff so I can sit on my fat ass all day and do nothing also? (C.M., Manhattan)


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